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Coolidge cowboy outfit 7.12.27 LOC 3a30409v.jpg
President Calvin Coolidge posed in cowboy outfit, July 12, 1927.

Photo - E.W.Starling - LOC.jpg
Portrait of Colonel Edmund W. Starling of the Secret Service.

Coolidge Pine Ridge LOC 3b04254r.jpg
Sioux Indians dance to honor President Calvin Coolidge during his visit to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Coolidges days after Harding death LOC 09140v.jpg
President Calvin Coolidge with his wife Grace, August 5, 1923, taken three days after Coolidge became president following the death of Warren G. Harding.

Text of the Speech given by President Coolidge at the August 10, 1927 dedication of Mount Rushmore

A photograph of President Calvin Coolidge standing with his hand over his heart in crowded stands. Also pictured is First Lady Grace Coolidge. There are numerous unidentified individuals, including men in military uniforms.

A black and white…

The President and First Lady Grace Coolidge pose for a photo with Dr. C.C. O'Harra. Dr. J.P. Connolly is behind on the left, there are other unidentified men are in the background. The individuals are standing on a sidewalk in front of a building at…

President and Mrs. Coolidge seated in the stands at the Belle Fourche Round Up. President Coolidge is wearing a large cowboy hat. There is a crowd of unidentified people in the background.

"The President and Mrs. Coolidge at the Belle Fourche…

President Calvin Coolidge stands in front of a large group of unidentified people. Also pictured is First Lady Grace Coolidge.

A black and white photograph measuring 6.75 inches by 5 inches. Photo is attached to page four of the A.B. Kellogg…

President Coolidge standing next to "Jack". The men are both wearing suits and hats and appear to be standing in front of a rock wall.

A black and white photograph measuring 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Photo is attached to page 17 of the A.B.…
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